Omg! It’s so messed up

Ughhh!!!!!! Oh my god today was the worst day of my life. Like I had a huge fight with the only guy I liked and the girl that I thought was my friend just told me to go what the fuck?

OK so it it all started like this morning when I went to school I was expecting my best friend a boy ,his name is A to come and talk with me because we missed each other ,like ….I didn’t see him all of the vacation . he didn’t even say hi and then I thought that he would come to give me a hug or tell me that I miss you or something but nothing special. Not even a hello!!!!!!!!!

I feel so pissed because I kind of have a crush on him!?i’m so confused !

Apparently someone told me that he had things going on in his life but I thought like he would come and talk with me about it but he didn’t instead he went and talked about it with some other girl😫

What should I do?


Hands they keep trembling✨

I can hardly breathe,i think im dying my exams are coming soon ,im so scared to keep on failing over and over again🙁what should i do?

I can hardly breathe,it’s scary, i don’t want to fail .☹️

Today was okay😩oh yeah by the way i saw online does pills they are called STUDY DRUGS (adderal) im thinking of getting a doctor prescription and maybe it could help me i really dont know😩😩😩

Nighty nighty ✨

So today was…a lot of stuff

1-i finished studying then went and took a nap

2-i cried cause i was supper bored

3-my besti/the guy that i love wasnt here for me

4-i cried again

5-i called my mum

6-then cried again

7-akhh i ate chocolate and watched Turkish series 😂yh ik weird

8-i went to my cousins house

9-bed is life

So yh guys thats my life nothing important just me crying 🤷🏻‍♀️ btw guys do u think im good person?

First time💙

What should i say? Hey? Hello? Lol this is weird. I cant believe I’m actually doing this. Who knew that i would actually be so desperate to talk with someone and then start blogging?…

Okay so yeah its me and i need help. At school Im failing,my mum is in Africa with my dad,my sister is selfish,my aunt shouts a lot…omg it sounds sooooo lame 😒 sorry but its true,thats my life. Im living with my sister , my two young brothers and my useless aunt. My school is like the most difficult school and im only getting 6/20 i promise you 6 6 6 oh and sometimes 4 (maths🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️) but the worst part is that i study a lot 😫😫. JUST LIKE NOW! I woke up at 7:45 am on a holiday and here i am thinking about life instead of focusing on science. Who cares about BIODIVERSITER (French educated 🤷🏻‍♀️)its so lame and hard!

Life is hard!oh btw i forgot to mention i started smoking this year (im 16 years old).At first it was just like once in while but now because of my grades and my useless life its like one cigarette a day .

Ughhh?!!?i have another school at home😫By that i actually mean a teacher for every subject everyday 🤦🏻‍♀️my mum is torturing me but to be honest i think she is right cause at the end…im actually going to fail if i dont study that much.

No dont say that im depressed or that im desperate for attention! Im not depressed! And no i hate attention! Im just sad and lonely (i don’t even have a boyfriend) i cry everyday/night and guess what IM ALWAYS STRESSED. I pull my hair when im stressed who does that?🤦🏻‍♀️

I think….how should i end this? I have no idea anyway thxi guess?💙

PS: the pic of theday is so cool😂 thx snap chat 😂